Dinosaur Album Guides take you through the story of the creation of each Beatles album one by one, with no stone left unturned. Starting with 'Please, Please Me; The Album Guide', Dinosaur Album Guides deliver the details you want to know in a style which is objective, interactive, engaging, educational and above all, fun. Each song is broken down into sub-sections of Background, Recording, Analysis, Impact and Discography, as we present you with all the details you to know. Who plays which instrument? Which amplifiers were used? How many takes were involved? What were the individual influences behind each song? How were the songs recorded? And much more... In addition, quotes from the band and EMI staff complete the fascinating story behind this seminal album.
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With its lyrical themes of teen angst, insecurity, euphoric joy, love and depression, combined with the high octane rock ‘n’ roll of its loud guitars and trashy open high-hats, the release of ‘Please Please Me’ in March 1963 was a seminal moment in the history of British rock music. Out now for Kindle and more*.

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Please Please Me: The Complete Album Guide
This seminal British rock n roll LP turned 49 years old on March 22nd 2012. Our complete companion guide to this album is now available as an iPad/Android App and eBook.
Update! A new version of the iPad app (1.1) was published on May 1st 2012. These updates include some instrumentation credit corrections, new additional information and content, a name and logo change, and some text corrections. These updates are freely available to anyone who has already purchased the app. Check your iPad updates, or your account on the app store for details.